Aircraft Data Systems


Alain Perroteau, 48, CEO of ADS.

Graduate in IT development. Since 1992 in aviation finance when he was appointed as CEO of LOGITAIR, a company of the AOM Airlines group, specializing in Airlines Revenue Accounting. He was a project leader for various projects for integrating different sales systems into yield management, operation, and crew management. He set up ADS to be selected by the SR Group to handle all revenue accounting for 15 airlines.

Julien Albrecht, 35, Director of ADS.

He has a degree in IT development. After his degree and his military period, he was engaged by Alain Perroteau to be the Network Manager and team leader in project management for LOGITAIR integration processes. As he has been in aviation since he was two years old, ADS took the advantage of the combination of his aviation knowledge and IT skills. revision of Boeing and the USAF.

Francois Albrecht, 57, commercial director.

He started as mechanic in the French navy and became an aircraft specialist with various airlines like BALAIR and African Safari Airways. Thereafter he was a consultant for VIP interior aircraft modification in Los Angeles. Returning to France he was appointed as General Technical Manager of Minerva French Airline. He was the Vice-president sales of the Sabena Technics Group for twenty five years. He is now the Commercial Director of ADS.

ADS production staff includes 6 permanent agents. All these personal have been trained to meet our most valuable requirement for aviation industry document management. For heavy contracts, and providing our customers accepts the facts, ADS may hire and train contractors under ADS staffing agreement and training procedures. Contractors are always supervised by an officer of ADS. We are basing our contractors’ recruitment on French Foreign Chamber of Commerce.